About Us

Indar Energy is one among the first  operating consulting companies in the field of energy since opening of markets to deregulation. Over 15 years experience in the branch guaranteed high standard of our services.

On the basis of our knowledge and experience we create opportunities for our customers to reduce energy supply costs, and Carbon emissions on today’s rapidly changing and volatile markets.

We are a leading authority in the provision of energy market information and consultancy, working independently, creatively and efficiently.


 Indar Energy is a subsidiary of Indar shipping and is entirely owned by the partners.

Indar Energy provides a wide range of services and expertise in energy fields. Consulting & brokering on energy deregulated markets: power, natural gas, coal, cogeneration, Energy Saving Certificates, renewable energies, CO2 emissions. Client’s supporting through specific actions on new volatile and non mature markets to monitor and manage energy portfolios. Market intelligence through data monitoring and analysis.


Indar shipping is fully independent, it is the mother company of Indar Energy entirely owned by the partners.

Indar Shipping is an advising and brokering company specialising in energy sea transport markets such as LNG and coal. As such Indar Shipping has been involved in providing support in building of 3 methane carriers ordered by a Spanish ship-owner.