7th Energy Forum (2012)

7th Energy Forum (2012)

Indar Energy – was invited in the 7th Energy Forum in Sopot (Poland)  29th November 2012 / 1st december  2012 as one of the moderators




The conference is attended by more than 500 guests and journalists. It is worth emphasizing a considerable number of foreign representatives of energy companies and institutions, whose participation gives a unique character to the Energy Forum being one of the biggest meetings of this type in Central Europe in the same time.  The conference was opened by Jerzy Buzek, a Member of the European Parliament.

The first discussion panel entitled: Financing large energy projects – who’s is to pay for it? was attended by: Dariusz Lubera, President of the Board of Directors, TAURON Polska Energia,  Dariusz Daniluk, President of the Board of Directors, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Łukasz Dziekoński, Member of the Board of Directors,  Marguerite Fund.
High attendance during the Energy Forum demonstrates a deep interest in this topic among participants and their involvement in constructive discussion about the future of the industry. The above is confirmed by continuing development of the conference both in terms of the number and rank of participants – the most important persons from the energy sector, journalists and international interest in the conference confirmed by a growing number of foreign guests.

Europe must draw conclusions from the global economic and financial crisis. The climate policy of the EU should be realistic and take into account developments in the rest of the world. Development of new technologies reducing CO2 emissions provides Europe with an additional asset in terms of competitiveness. How to respond to the crisis and act for the benefit of climate protection? How to combine reduction of emissions with improvement of economic efficiency, innovativeness and competitiveness? How to prepare a new economic model based on low-emission economy and high employment rate? The goal of the 7th Energy Forum is to create a platform for discussion that allows the exchange of ideas, experience sharing and the promotion of innovative solutions



Day 1:

  • Arrival of guests
  • Presentation of report
  • Discussion panel
  • Formal dinner

Day 2:

  • Plenary session
  • Thematic Blocks
    • Presentations of reports
    • Lectures by special guests
    • Presentation of the Business Leader
  • Forum Award Ceremony
  • Reception

Day 3:

  • Recreational events
  • Departure of guests

Discussion during the Energy Forum will centre around basic topics:

  • Financing large energy projects – who’s to pay for it?
  • Future for Poland, future for coal.
  • Natural, liquid, shale – which gas will become Europe’s fuel?
  • Cooperation or competition in nuclear energy?
  • Privatization, re-structuring, stock exchange- what changes in ownership have impact on security and effectiveness of the energy sector?
  • Fuel sector – yesterday, today, tomorrow.
  • Public services or business activities? Energy sector in the cities of 21st century.
  • Energy Policy versus EU’s Climate Policy Objectives.
  • Green Energy and Its Impact on The Economic Effectiveness.
  • Infrastructure and  Trans-border Investments in The Energy Sector.

source: http://www.forum-ekonomiczne.pl/7th-energy-forum/?lang=en#.UMYaVYMsB8F